Chesterton at GSM

All the Year 7 students at Chesterton Community College will be visiting GSM this term to explore Christian beliefs.

The first two classes arrived on 15th April.

The Reverend Annabel Shilson-Thomas welcomed them to Michaelhouse and the group discussed the Last Supper and how this Bible story links to the Eucharist. One lucky(!?) student even got to dress up in a vicar’s vestments!

In Great St Mary’s, the Chesterton students matched up key beliefs with Bible quotations that they found around the church, and an object or part of the building which embodied that belief.

As well as joining the dots between scripture, faith and worship, they had time to share lots of their own knowledge – including the difference between crosses and crucifixes, and the way that Muslims pray compared to Christians.

Easter Fun

We had 251 visitors taking part in bunny hunts and spring crafts over three days this week.

Most families were from the local area, but we also welcomed visitors from Poland, Lithuania, China, Germany and Switzerland.

Intrepid bunny spotters found the cheeky rabbits popping up all over the church and in the sunny churchyard, and many chocolate eggs and Tunnock’s teacakes were consumed!

Thanks to all who visited Great St Mary’s to join in the fun.

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