Cromwell in Cambridge

We had a brilliant day on Saturday with Cromwell and dancing Puritans taking over Great St Mary’s!
Around 2000 visitors came by to meet the Lord Protector as he laid down the law in Cambridge.

There was something for everyone – Puritans from Kentwell Hall gave dancing lessons (1655-style), kids got to grips with quill pens and stained glass, and visitors could sample the spiced chocolate drink lately arrived from the New World.

Cromwell had petitioners quaking and sent many miscreants to the stocks to be pelted with cabbages.

Huge thanks to Matthew and Gill of HistoryNeedsYou for bringing Cromwell and his long-suffering secretary to life, and to  Tamsin Lewis of Passamezzo and her 17th-century companions who brought some Kentwell Hall magic to central Cambridge.

These photos are courtesy of Ozzy Beck, Oliver Cross, Kate Bystrova and Historyworks.

Finally, thank you to our team of volunteers who kept everything running smoothly on the day!
This event was part of Open Cambridge 2015, and was also supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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