Old Christmas Returned – Saturday 19 December

This Saturday, the Elizabethan musicians of Passamezzo are returning to Cambridge for a festive concert. Their lively medley of carols, ballads, readings and dance melodies follows the calendar from Advent to Candlemas.

Book your advance tickets here or buy on the door.

Glasses of bubbly and Elizabethan baking will be available in the interval!

Passamezzo Christmas poster NEW jpg

You can also enjoy a free interactive workshop with the musicians in the afternoon before the concert.

If you are curious about Christmas in the past, or just can’t wait to find out what the cushion dance involves, please email heritage@gsm.cam.ac.uk to reserve your place!

Passamezzo workshop poster NEW jpg


Goodbye to 2015

Christmas is very busy at GSM with carol services, so we had our final school visit of the year today.

Brochure pic

Ridgefield Year 5s found out all about Christmas by finding each part of the story in our east window, and comparing medieval, renaissance and modern pictures of each scene.

The ‘x-ray babies’ in this Visitation were a particular favourite!

We made some dramatic tableaux (special mention to a very well-enunciated annunciation) and then explored the church, finding hidden silhouettes to match with carols.

Miraculously, the sound system co-operated so that we could sing the carols which matched each part of the story.

After lunch we thought about Advent and the gifts brought by the shepherds and wise men.

The children reflected on what they could give to people in the weeks before Christmas, and we made a kindness tree to hang in their classroom, covered in ideas for gifts that don’t cost anything. Each time the children do something kind, they can add a gold star to the tree – Mrs Timmis hopes it will be very shiny by the time the Christmas holidays arrive.

We ended the day in the medieval and renaissance galleries at the Fitzwilliam, reinforcing our learning of the story sequence, learning the special vocabulary for each part of the story and then hunting for paintings.

The children did some beautiful observational drawings of small details from the pictures and sculptures.

A lovely visit to kickstart the festive season!




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